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Journey from Hate to Love

A story lies behind the escape to freedom of two African American slaves in 1862, revealing how they can still leave their legacy even in a hate-driven era. 


One hundred years later, John Rutherford, a typical white American college student, comes of age dealing with the big questions in life.  He faces, for the first time, the tense issue of race in America as well as the growing reality of the gay movement.  Recognizing the need to make a positive impact, one of his college friends decides to join the Freedom Summer project registering black voters in Mississippi. But tragedy ensues. For John and the rest of America, it is a dark period in history, including the assassination of President Kennedy, increasing racial conflict, and America’s military involvement in Southeast Asia.


Eventually trying to succeed as a novelist, John gains support from Amanda, an African American woman in New York who becomes his literary agent. With shared interests and a desire to shape the world through powerful writing, he quickly falls in love with her, only to be drafted in the Vietnam War. 

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Footsteps explores how the social movement from hate to love, or from slavery to freedom, is a slow, arduous process. It takes commitment from individuals who care about people and want to work toward an enlightened society. This novel will leave readers hopeful of reaching that new day. 

"A story of human growth and spiritual transformation, set against the background of the 60's—the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam War. Footsteps is well worth reading for today's current young generation."
                 –Rick Marting, retired educator, poet, and musician 

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About Jerome Stanley

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Born in southern Illinois, Jerome Stanley spent much of his early years on his grandparents' farm where he developed a love of nature. Soon after discovering a curiosity to learn and teach, Stanley gravitated towards academia, earning a PhD from the University of Cincinnati and becoming an emeritus professor at Miami University in Ohio. He and his wife currently live in Oxford, Ohio and have one grown son, Nicholas. 


Although ambiguous about being an author at this late stage of life, Stanley can't ignore his passion for writing. He wants to share with readers stories and ideas that are meaningful and moving. And Stanley's optimistic view of mankind is reflected in his work, especially with Footsteps, his sixth book. 


A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it.